Navigate practices and research in the field of living arts and performance. Her training mixed martial arts, somatic practices, improvisation and contact improvisation. She co-directs the hangar_espacio platform and collaborates on various projects both in creation, choreographic direction and research. In management processes, she is interested in independent training by opening and recovering spaces for these; Espai La Banyera, (Bcn), La Salvajeria (Stgo de Chile) and the Encontro SUDA (Valpo-Stgo). Her carries out the project: off-axis, dance annotations and automatic writing for the creation of Fanzine. Activate E.T cycle, [tangible experiences] space for research and experimentation taking into account the shifts that occur in the perception of the body in relation to the existence of another. Since 2006 she have participated as an artist and facilitator in independent training spaces and dance festivals and Contacto Improvisación inside and outside Chile. She is interested in being and provoking creative processes that friction the concepts around the corpopx in its possibilities of meeting, intimacy and involvement, both material and immaterial. Field to explore the unpredictable, intuition, animality and the state caused by time; insistence – repetition and release questions on how these can create choreographic proposals.

Contact Improvisation Festival - Classes


An invitation to immerse ourselves in that [space-time] of moving together.

Starting from the idea of ​​transferring weight we will provoke mobilities that will allow us to deal with the irremediable loss of a body and its fall. We will approach certain physical phenomena to think about and expand the question of touch, contact and the reverberations that affect the skin in those encounters and the imaginaries that provoke us to move them. From spherical notions we will activate the back as a joyful fall and its curved power in movement, navigating around the systems that regulate our balance, with the desire to stimulate the sensory skills that allow us to improvise… working in duets – trios and  collective to shake unexpected, playful and agile dances. Feel the collision; between echo, coincidence and impact. The suspension and flight from the casual conjunction of time, the uncertain and the present as the reality of what happens.

-Perceive-move-displace will be actions to organize the materials that emerge from the bodies, amplifying the systems of sensation and action, inertia and flow, repetition and difference, imitation and creation, automatism and variation.

We will think of the body with that mutant capacity, to stimulate the images that reveal themselves, its morphology, its wild imagination in order to make creative play possible and awaken the living state of composing-moving-risking together with others.

Italy Contact Fest