Born in Buenos Aires. Your connection with the body begins with sport. He studies Philosophy, but it is in theater where he focuses, participating in different independent companies. At the age of 25 he traveled to Europe. In Barcelona he continues her relationship with theater studying at the schools of: Lecoq, Nancy Tuñon and the laboratory of Jessica Walker.

While traveling, he discovered Contact Improvisation and from that moment on he immersed himself in CI, training with great teachers such as: Ramón Roig, Leilani Wais, Shahar Dor, Andrew Harwood, Mirva Makinen, Linda Bufali, Gustavo Lecce, Nita Little, Daniela Shwarts and Eckar Muller. Charlie Morrissey and others. Continue to go deeper into the body through multiple massage techniques. Finally he settled in Barcelona where he studied Osteopathy and began teaching Impro contact classes.

Today his curiosity is in how to use less force and more inertia, in how the micro feeds the macro and vice versa, allowing the involuntary dance of the organs to dance us more than to do, in short how proprioception and the somatic enrich the dance.

Somatic into Contact Improvisation - Class and body-work

Curious Listening

Making contact without intention, listening to what is there, awakening curiosity about the world beneath the skin, using our imagination, trusting the information that the other body tells us, letting ourselves be carried by the tides, until we reach the kneading , use our weight, let the tides guide us, take pauses where the pleasure of touch is present.

Respect my limits, my partner’s limits. deepen From the most superficial layer to the deepest, be aware of breathing, gradually cover the entire body, stop at the different diaphragms of the body, imagine how they relate to each other, to travel through the entire spine, vertebra by vertebra , from the atlas to the tailbone, visualize the most important organs, how the entire nervous (electrical) system connects with them from the skull.

This is an invitation to awaken all the tools we innately have.

Know what is good for me so I can deliver it.

Curious Listening

What would happen if I listened in stillness to everything that moves within me and allowed this to become a dance? How can I put all my weight on the ground without putting up resistance? Can I feel how a small movement affects the rest of my body? Can I communicate with the ground through dance with another, with others? With these and other physical questions we will awaken a curious listening in our individual and collective dance, being aware that everything that happens in space counts, contributes, influences, as if that space were a body, my body and each movement that happens in it. , moves another part and I observe it, I allow it to influence me, I take advantage of it, I incorporated it into my dance. With these focuses and ways of seeing we will go from an individual dance to a more collective and open dance.

Italy Contact Fest