I am a contemporary dancer,  a teacher, a martial artist and an Ayurveda therapist. My path ranges from the artistic field, as an interpreter and choreographer, to the educational and healing field. For over fifteen years I have been working as a teacher of contemporary dance and body disciplines collaborating with Italian schools, museums, associations and theatres. During my studies I became interested in different disciplines as contemporary dance, contact improvisation, dance theatre, BMC, Sensitive Dance, Axis syllabus and yoga.

From 2009 to 2012 I graduated in Ayurveda and ayurvedic massage, both in Italy and in India, and I started working as a therapist. During the last ten years, I deepened the theoretical and practical study of Qi Gong and Chinese internal martial arts (Taijiquan and Yiquan). Then I graduated as an instructor of Qi Gong and a Chinese Internal martial arts. In 2021 I received the black belt in Taijiquan. I am a co-founder, dancer and co-choreographer of the Collettivo Kun that is a research group of contemporary dance and performing arts with whom I participated to dance festivals in Italy and Europe.

Somatic into Contact Improvisation - Morning classes

Qi Gong / Taijiquan

Classes will be an opportunity to approach the Traditional principles of the Chinese internal martial arts. Through static and dynamic practices we will come into contact with our breath, Qi, the vital breath, to increase and make our vital energy flow freely in the energy channels of the whole body.

Qi Gong, formerly called Yang Sheng Fa, a method for nourishing life, is a body practice based on the integration of movement, meditation, breathing and feeling. Its main purpose is the maintenance of health and achievement of longevity. But, Qi Gong is also the basis of all Chinese internal martial arts since it improves coordination, grounding, endurance and it has a calming effect on the nervous system. We will also investigate the fundamentals of Taijiquan through sequences in the space, contact work in pairs and the study of martial traditional forms to improve proprioception, the quality of touch and the mental attention/intention.

Italy Contact Fest