Edoardo began to dance intrigued by movement as a tool to develop awareness of his own body and very soon dance became one of the most important aspects in his life. He trained as a contemporary dancer and circus actor with various masters in Italy and abroad focusing particularly on CI and Instant composition. In 2018, together with Elisa Ghion and Fabio Rotondo, he founded Corpoetica, a cultural association that promotes the practice of CI. In March 2020, he graduated in Philosophy with a thesis on Contact Improvisation. The same year, he created a performance for public spaces that investigates the dialogue between the languages of contemporary circus and dance. In 2021 he met Priscilla Pizziol and founded an artistic project named MACULA. Together they have been researching on the meeting of CI and Instant composition creating their first theater piece AMELIA, with which they received an award for choreographic writing at the CortoInDanza festival in 2022. Over the years he has worked as a performer with various directors and choreographers including Willi Dorner, Agostina D’Alessandro, Lorenzo Covello and Do-Theater Company.

Contact Improvisation Festival - Classes

Not a Dance Form

“If Contact Improvisation is the physical act of posing a question about ones own present circumstance, then the work is ever expansive and has applications to dance well beyond the manifestation of the duet interaction.” – Daniel Lepkoff –

During the classes we will focus on our kinaesthetic experience of the essential principles of movement. We will explore the tools that allow our bodies to access a state of perceptual openness. We will practice gently and gradually ‘undoing’ kinaesthetic patterns that prevent us from letting the weight pour across the surface that is supporting our structures. We will invite a kinaesthetic attitude of respect and readiness that allow us to be open to emergence, capable of surprise and free to respond in new and familiar ways. We will try to look at Contact Improvisation as a somatic transformative practice; a practice that enables the development of a kinaesthetic awareness of body reality; a daily working practice that addresses the quality of our lived engagement, with ourselves, with the world and with others.

Italy Contact Fest