She was a gymnast in the 80s and started dancing in the 90s in Lima. She traveled to NY and Europe to study with teachers such as Jeremy Nelson, Julyen Hamilton and Kirstie Simson. She has been practicing aikido for 20 years and is certified as a Somatic Movement Educator at the School of Body-Mind Centering®. She is a university professor and teaches in the Somatic Education Diploma at the PUCP. She is a member of the Contacto Improvisación Perú collective, with artistic/pedagogical activities between Lima and Cusco. She lives in the Sacred Valley and houses Casa con.tacto, a space aimed at well-being, art and education. Since 2014, her research has led her to develop labs around relationship dynamics and conflict resolution through movement. She has inquired into the experience of yielding in BMC and CI as a resource for space creation in improvisation. In 2022 she publishes the book una práctica sin nombre together with Rita Ponce De León, Joelle Gruenberg and Mariana De Los Ríos (ESPAC, CDM) as a result of a practice based on precarious equilibrium, which brings the body closer to touching uncertainty, change, curiosity, support, and sparking collective conversation and writing. She has been a guest teacher at the In Practice CI Meeting in Valparaíso 2018 and at Immersion CI Retreat in Oaxaca 2023. Since 2017 she has annually co-organized the CI Meeting in the Sacred Valley.

Somatic into Contact Improvisation - Morning classes


The word AIKIDO can be translated as “the way of unifying all our inner energy”, and also “the path of harmony with the forces and principles of nature.”

Aikido is a japanese martial art that uses the momentum and force of an attack to unbalance that person and lead them to a projection in space or immobilization in a harmonious way.

In these morning practices we will perform breathing exercises, work with energy and the center as a meeting place with our inner self, ground and sky.We will focus on awakening a vibrant and peaceful body, opening the heart and feeding the spirit.Through dynamics in pairs, we will practice movements and gestures from a whole body that seeks the appropriate intention for the situation, with sincerity and the exercise of detachment from the ego in each encounter or fall.

Contact Improvisation Festival - Classes

The sense of Unity

In these sessions there will be time to immerse ourselves in and out. We will bring attention to the meeting of bodies at the borders of the skin, in the permeability of internal tissues, cellular migrations and micro resistances. Being in contact as an invitation to modulate tone, moving weight and being engage with the globality that we are.

By sharing weight, we will put into practice the action of resisting as a yielding in time and a continuous expansion that can happen simultaneously, opening paths for dance to emerge in duets, trios and broader conformations.

We will study the opposing forces to question the nuances of rejection or sense of separation in the practice of resistance, giving the body the opportunity to go through different layers of understanding and reverberations.

We will dilate time to listen to the possible directions at play, from the subtle to the most obvious, to appreciate the elasticity of resistance in the tissues, in the structure and in the conduction of energy.

The invitation will be to accept a route, or several, curve the tensions, cushion them, support and shape the changing and unexpected paths.

In these explorations we will embody bones, spirals, condensing, expanding and moving space. Simple connection and relationship exercises to bring our parts together and experience integrity. Can we return to the sense of unity?

Italy Contact Fest