Artem has been engaged in Contemporary dance field since 2002. He worked as a dancer in Ufa (Russia) in performance group “White Label” 2004-2006. From 2006, he started dancing contact improvisation. He has been teaching CI since 2008. Artem is contact teacher he taught in many festivals such as: Dancefulness: Ukraine Festival of Contact Improvisation (2013), Ibiza Contact Festival (2015), Italy Contact Festival (2017), Israel Contact Festival (2019).

In parallel, Artem has been engaged in body-work and movement therapy since 2006. He had started to participate somatic workshops and finally he decided to learn somatic professionally.
Artem is educated in two somatic universities Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) and SomaticBody Training.

He teaches at the Somatic Body Training program, and also he conducts his own somatic courses.

Somatic into Contact Improvisation - Intensive

Embryology of central axis

In contact improvisation, we are accustomed to playing with the fall of the central axis, which is called the small dance. The fall of the vertical axis is one of the main tools that initiates movement in space.

In somatic approaches based on BMC (Body-Mind Centering), we utilize the material of human embryonic development to see how new forms and new possibilities of movement are nurtured within us. In these sessions, we will explore how regressive body techniques can expand our potential for movement in contact duets.

Form and movement are inseparable containers. But what if the vertical axis is not the first body-organizing structure to appear in the body? We will play with different axes and directions of movement.

Additionally, we will learn to recognize movement direction, the vector of movement. In a way, this direction can also be called an axis. Can we allow movement to flow through our entire body and surf on the waves of movement? Yes, we will try to engage in that.

Italy Contact Fest