Sarah Tulivu (CA/IT) – Morning practice

Sarah Tulivu (CA/IT) – Morning practice


About Taiji (Taichi)
Taiji (Taichi) 太極 and Qigong 氣功 are ancient practices through which we can bring the system back into a more whole, balanced, harmonious condition. The Taiji Tao path is a path of going back to the origin, of investigation into the Self, reconnection to one’s deeper nature About the sessions:
Sessions will be for all levels, and we will be focusing mostly on foundations. I have found that working with foundations is actually a very advanced practice. Foundations are what hold up everything, it’s where we can work with the core causes of our current condition. So the quality of one’s attention is what we’ll be training on the most. While applying that work on the forms. Through the practice, we will accompany ourselves into a quieter more aware space, learning how to pay attention, how to feel ourselves, and
gradually learning how to gently stay open and present in and with what arises. To ourselves, our hearts, the other, and life around us.

Sarah Tulivu

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, (ordained name), has trained in sitting
meditation for the past 13 years, and Taiji & Qigong, for the past 11 years, within the tradition of Taiwanese Master, Waysun Liao. During that time, about 6 years were passed living a full-time monastic life in a Tao Temple and monastery, with about 6-7 hours of practice per day. Before the Temple, she trained in the Buddhist tradition for two years in Nepal, then India and Thailand, sitting and serving a silent meditation retreat each month or two. In 2019 she was advised by Master Waysun Liao and Master Chang to leave the Tao Temple and learn how to carry the practice into everyday life, also asking her to share it with those interested who cross her path. And was then made an instructor in 2020 by Master Liao. She is generally leading weekly sessions live and in person, and facilitating in retreats – living and practicing together 5-6 hours per day for longer periods. Mainly between Tuscany, Vienna, Lebanon and Greece.