Michele Marchesani (IT) – classes & bodywork

Michele Marchesani (IT) – classes & bodywork

The Density
Contact improvisation is not only movement, but also a succession of changes in the state of the body. One of these states is the variation of energetical density, a parameter that plays a fundamental role in being
light, grounded and connected to one’s partner. The fascia is the tool through which it is possible to change this physical quality, to adapt, in a fluid way, to the continuous change that improvisation requires of us.
The training, that has a somatic nature, will be closely linked to dance and the dynamics that exist in the touch and in the couple’s relationship.

A basic Shiatsu treatment will be guided step by step. It is a simple but
very profound tool, easy to execute and to remember.

Michele Marchesani

He began his work on the body in ’96 through the study of Shiatsu, of which he is currently operator (www.fisioshiatsu.com) and teacher www.shiatsu-shintai.it, He taught with the Shiatsu-Shintai School first in Bologna and then in the offices of Orvieto (TR), Vasto (CH), Padua, Merano. Subsequently he deepened his technique studying ShinTai, the bands, the Chakras and the Activation of the Light Body (Light Body Yoga) Satisfying his interest and his curiosity for holistic systems he approached with passion different disciplines connected to the body/mind. In 2003 he synthesized the “Deep Touch”, a body technique of movement and perception (www.tattointerno.com).

In 2004 he met contact improvisation, which he followed as a student, event organizer and in recent years as a teacher.