Ilka Fanni (HU/US) – classes

Ilka Fanni (HU/US) – classes


Yes, no, maybe. Finding our boundaries, communicating verbally and non verbally, creating the dance we want, building a community based on respect, consent, acceptance and inclusivity. There is a new culture
building in the CI community focused on consent. Bringing the new waves of the West, we explore a new perspective of jam and contact practice. Yes! You! Yes, connecting with body, self and the present moment. We are focused on the senses and embodied empowerment, but not too serious.

Ilka Fanni

In her teaching, Ilka is focusing on effortless, playful movement, body- mind consciousness, and sense opening, luscious dances. Ilka has been teaching and performing CI, choreography and Improvisation for the past 25 years. She was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary and after falling in love with CI and being part of building the Budapest CI scene, she traveled around the world and landed in San Francisco where she studied Somatic Movement Therapy, Bodywork and Authentic Movement extensively. Ilka is married to CI teacher and choreographer Scott Wells and they have collaborated on many projects together. They

have two beautiful boys. Though she found her life’s calling to be a mother, a doula and aspiring midwife, her lifelong love of dance and bodies keep her moving and she is ever inspired to teach again in Europe.