Paula Zacharías (ARG) – 5h

Paula Zacharías (ARG) – 5h

“Between seeing and looking”
An approach to Compositional Improvisation through the language of Tuning Scores 

Workshop designed to immerse participants in the practice of Tuning Scores (practice created by Lisa Nelson). This investigation will explore two complementary approaches to improvisation and composition. The sensory field of perception, which awakens and “tunes” the imagination, towards improvisation and the language of these scores that allow tuning the senses in relation to their habits of survival, imagination, memory and their relationships between time, rhythm, space and composition.

Paula Zacharías (ARG)

Alexander Technique teacher (graduated from ETABA 2014) and dance improvisation and composition. Bachelor in Communication Sciences (UBA), photographer, videographer and dancer. Trained in contemporary dance, Butoh and Contact Improvisation. She teaches Alexander Technique applied to movement, improvisation and scenic composition inspired by Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores (TS) method. She collaborates in research and production with artists such as Andrew Harwood, Lisa Nelson, Chris Aiken, Benno Voohrman, Ko Murobushi, Rhea Volij, Minako Seki, Yuko Kaseki, Natalia Tencer, Lucas Condro, Carmen Pereiro Numer among others. She participates in residencies and festivals for training, teaching and performance programs, touring internationally between Europe and South America. She is part of the organizing team of Eimcila 2012 -BsAs and 2013 Gamboa- Brazil.
Co-directs the Contact Cuba Festival since 2018.
Participates since 2020 of the Tunezooming, composition practices in online format.
In process of multimedia dance work Correspondencias bailadas, which received the subsidy of Prodanza, the grant of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes and Mecenazgo- 2021.
She forms the creation and research group Sus Derivas -together with Carmen Pereiro Numer, Lucía F. Moujan and Soledad Gutierrez- which obtained the FNA 2021 training grant for somatic studies of Rabine and Feldendrais method with Mariano Pattin, focused on research on movement, voice and performance.
Paula’s work will focus on the opening towards the visual and sensory field of perception towards improvisation from the approach to the practice of Tuning Scores (created by choreographer Lisa Nelson): A system of communication and editing of movement in real time that allow to establish a relationship of observation and composition between the action and the attention of movement -including in this relationship the sensory fields that are involved as parts of the sense of organization between image, sound, perception, attention and imagination. The scores offer tools and practices of internal and external communication that highlight the ways in which each of us feels, sees and makes sense of movement.