Katja Mustonen (FIN) – 15h

Katja Mustonen (FIN) – 15h

Orchestrated body and scenarios for listening – 

In my last years of dancing CI, I’ve been exploring the idea of a solo while being in contact with one or many dancing creatures. This workshop considers the body as an orchestra that consists of many parts playing together to the symphony of our dancing. Through the palette of tools, exercises and scores we inspire and generate action for improvisations and expand our ability to stay aware simultaneously with many things at ones. We enliven our solo dancing in order to spark and twist our connections in CI through tasks that ask for an active choice making and fine tuning of our senses. We pay attention to the dynamics of listening and trust simplicity as a ground from where the complexity can sprout. We play extending our movement choices and vocabularies by enhancing timing, rhythm, orientation and chaos.

Staying with the questions while articulating our choices in each moment is to strengthen and extend the spaces between our knowing and unknown.

KATJA MUSTONEN (FIN) is a Finnish dance maker and teacher, currently based in Outokumpu, Finland. She graduated as a dancer in Finland 2004, and holds MA degree in “Contemporary Dance Education”(MA CoDE, HfMDK,Frankfurt 2010). Since 2008, she’s been teaching Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation internationally in institutions, festivals and other venues for dance. Artistically, she keeps being interested about the states of presence and body’s ability to transform, embody, and transmit images into knowledge, emotions, language and atmospheres. Merging photography, video, sound and text together with objects continues fascinating her creating the larger body of her artistic.

photo by Taina Koistinen