Grégory Chevalier (Fr/Hu) – 5h

Grégory Chevalier (Fr/Hu) – 5h
Being silent, seen and seeing
Authentic Movement embraces Contact Improvisation – 
When I close my eyes, I become silent…
Then I start to listen to my inner impulses, and I see myself moving.
I can enter the unknown, make decisions, finding a quality of presence which belongs especially to this shared moment.
When I keep my eyes open, I am still…
Then I start to be moved, within, by what I see: I see you.
I allow my sensations, emotions and imagination to arise, and let myself be touched.”Authentic Movement explores the relationship between a mover and a witness, by being seen and seeing. It is a subtle guidance to discover who we are in the present moment through the spontaneous movement of our bodies.
AM and CI both have their subtle, ritualistic code, language, that we do recognise by being together in the same space. They provide us a container to feel safe and to open, recognise, welcome, respect and play with our boundaries. I started practicing Authentic Movement in 2012 and Contact Improvisation in 2010 deeply love both of them. I am excited to offer a space in which those two jewels can embrace each other.
Grégory Chevalier (Fr/Hu)
Starting from modern and contemporary dance, I dived into improvisation together with somatic practices.
Since 2012, I have taught Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Body Consciousness based Improvisation in weekly classes, weekend workshops, festivals and retreats.
My main somatic practices and inspiration fields come from Body Mind Centering®, Feldenkrais method®, Material for the Spine, Butoh, Ideokinesis and Shamanism.
I co-founded Kontaktland offering international CI festival in Hungary.
CECITE, gathering CI facilitators from Central Europe to support our local network.
I initiated KIT ensemble in 2020, a dance company focusing on Contact Improvisation as a performing practice.
In 2021 Forest Play Fight got born, a method generating movement skills to empower aggression and transform physical confrontation into play.
I am also the co-founder of The Moving Man, which provides retreats for men wishing to go deeper in their psychosomaticnature.
I am passionate about performance and have been working in black boxes for dance and theater companies, nowadays I am making my own performative projects.