Marcella Carrara (ITA)


In this class I will share my investigation around some event that keep my mind moving and my body available while I dance C.I.
We will look at the “ground reaction” as bio-mechanic phenomenon.
The architecture of the bones direct the weight downwards with the resistance of the floor replying with an upward supportive force, called ground reaction. To be able to receive this force back and let it travel along the body structure it’s one of the key of joy and grace in dancing.

We will play with some primitive patterns and see how they can nourish our sensory-motor skills and communication through the Contact improvisation alphabet.

Marcella is a movement artist and somatic educator who works and lives in Italy.
She graduated at DAMS theater in the University of Bologna. She is certified in Corpus PilatesTM, in Body-Mind Centering and the Feldenkrais Method. Her main interest is to learn and share the functional potential of the biomechanical principles present in every body . That awareness improve self-image and consequently the relationship with the others.

His curiosity and insistence in pursuing the path of dance stems from a deep attraction towards that vulnerability that makes the human species invincible.