Marc Torrents (ESP)

Toolbox for moving contact situations 

In this classes we will work with diferent scores o phisical tools that will help us later in organizing our body and find fluidity for improvising: gravity, weight, unstable equilibrium, skin and touch, direction of the eyes, continuity, impulses, relationship with the other. All this as basic tools to go into momentum and the phisical response in a healthy and sicure way.

Ojectives: To explore diferent poits of view to be prepared to practice CI. Give the body the tools to move out of axes. Increase the body perseption to have better responds. Have presense and awarness in all situations.

Marc Torrents (Spain)

Actor, clown, smile-therapist, practitioner and master of contact improvisation (CI).
He studied photography and is formed in clown and circus, arts that combines contemporary dance and performance with the practice of CI. Training in physical theater with: Espacio Espiral and Odin Theater among others.

He currently develops his creations as Fletan duo, along with Eusebio Soria, a theatre dance company, which uses humor and movement as tools of creation.
In the field of dance, he has been influenced by teachers with which he has worked and collaborated as Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Frey Faust, Ray Liung, Jordi Cortes, Ramón Roig, Mirva Markinen, Linda Bufali. Karl Frost, Andrew Harwood and Rick Nodine.

Marc uses Dance for artistic, pedagogical, therapeutic and playful purposes. Founder of Movement in Network and creator of the Cercanias contact Festival,
Explore CI and dance in actor training, stage creation, coaching, choreographic or performance.

He is currently interested in improvisation as an end and real-time composition.