Marco Ubaldi (IT)


We will go trough different ways to improvise, in and out of the contact with one or more partners, researching directly with movement and attention in the very moment when the dance happens, looking for what is possible.

We will share some questions to keep the mind bright and a fluid and reactive body: how do I listen to my body? How do I prepare to relate to another person? How do I feed the relationship? How do I explore the space between bodies?

In these Contact Improvisation classes, listening and curiosity can offer us a unitary process capable of observing oneself and the whole in an open and free way. We will play with the differentiation of dynamics to surprise ourselves and rely on the unknown, exploring the pleasure of moving safely and effectively.

Marco Ubaldi (IT) 

In his training and research path he knows and begins to practice CI 20 years ago. Dancer, researcher, performer and teacher of contemporary dance, floor work, contact improvisation, danceability, contact family, improvisation and instant composition. Hir main interest in the art of dance is authentic movement and improvisation. He danced for 12 years with the dance theater company “Atacama”, for 10 years with the dance theater company “Fuori Contesto”, for 3 years with the “Collettivo Improbabilon”, for 8 years with the Dance Ability company “Crisma Dance “. He loves to practice dance as an exploration of the potential of the human being through experiences that create the conditions for a possible harmonious and satisfying growth on a motor, relational, social and emotional level.