Consuelo Pacheco (CHL)


I think about C.I. as an investigation in two simultaneous directions: stillness and movement. Both directions bring to appear the consciousness of present time on to the body, the duration of the sensation, the speed of attention, the constant of gravity testing our balance, the frequency of the sensitive stimulus, the rhythm of breathing, the proximity of the reflex reactions. The perception is a great improvisation dance with deep connections in to the present. How can we make our practice a psychophysics consciousness experience of time?

In this sense, as improvisers in search of unknown landscapes, I would like to share some ideas and questions to explore together:

Do not attempt to do anything with what is happening. Observe. Let a new time course for action come. Give yourself the stillness as a score of awe. Stop. Give continuity to the reflexes that make a gravitational dialogue appear. Behold yourself in the Vertigo. Get lost in the calm.

How is our temporal perception modified in improvisation? Can we build a way of thinking with other times?
How do our ideas about time influence dialogue with others? What ways of exploring time are possible in the C.I?

Consuelo Pacheco – Chile

Dancer, Teacher and contact and improvisation researcher.
I started practicing C.I 10 years ago, and during this time my curiosity about the phenomena of the movement continues to expand and invites me to continue to explore unknown places. I am interested in exploring the dimensions of improvisation and the virtues of creativity that can be applied to plasticity and creativity to dance. I consider the culture of a survey that refers to the singular and collective to be important, and the classes are an opportunity to implement new perceptions of the body to nourish our development as living beings in continuous coexistence and transformation.
Since 2013 I collaborate in the organization of International Meetings of C.I in Santiago / Valparaiso / Olmué, Jams, Residences and Laboratories in nature.
During 2019 I studied the training of teachers the Alexander Technique in Buenos Aires (ETABA) and in the dance facilitation / research classes of C.I. in different cities of Argentina.