Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson

Centering Edge

Our main topics are (CI) Contact Improvisation and Tuning Scores

Center Survey -CI based class includes one-on-one dancing instruction that starts right from your level of experience and will provide direct feedback about the elusive subject of center. We will find ways to sense, describe and relate about center. The work inherently develops CI skills that your body wants to learn as we we follow your intuitive style.
Tuning Scores- Response-able for the Image Space– is meeting of sensation, task driven scores and making meaning that launches the consequence of choreography to occur almost on its own. Each person tracks and expresses their own opinion through verbal calls and actions; accountability is celebrated.

Karen Nelson 40+ years in the field brings classic approaches and evolutional admittance, somatic and embodied insistence, curiosity and willingness to learn on the job. Karen continues to inhabit a crossroad of dance improvisation in the US’ Pacific Northwest and abroad. A longtime dance explorer, teacher, maker, touring performer, author/contributor to Dancing with Dharma and Contact Quarterly, she has been a mutator of the form Contact Improvisation (CI) since 1977. She co-founded mixed-ability experiments Dance Ability and Diverse Dance Research Retreat and integrates Material for the Spine (Steve Paxton) and Tuning Scores (Lisa Nelson) into her practice along with interrogating whiteness and intersectionality within her own embodiment and larger community. www.explomov.weebly.com