Yochai Ginton

Yochai Ginton
Yochai Ginton is a professional dancer and dance teacher based in Israel.
Collaborating with different choreographers and touring and performing around the world.
His recent work is called ‘The One Hand Sound’ which is a full length solo that he has created along with the choreographer Sharona Florsheim.
Has experience of almost 20 years in the field of contact improvisation
And he is mostly passionate about the crossroads between contact in it’s improvised form to contemporary partnering work.
Alongside with his partner in life Olivia Court Mesa they have established and teach ‘The Common Body Work’ exploring contact – contemporary partnering – floor work technique.
Yochai is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and a Vipassana meditator.
He also dance Argentinian Tango.

Contact and Partnering lifts 
The creative world of lifts in contact as well as in contemporary partnering is fascinating and intriguing.
It contains many tools and secrets!
In my class i will share as many ideas and approaches i have collected along the way, from the mechanism of lifts in different levels and different speed.
Some of the images and inputs we will explore in the class:
Indirect root
Spireld body
Accurate effort
Vital and dynamic pelvis
Mass and gravity
Available and quick hands
pendulum and groove
Seeing and listening to the space and the floor
Falling and riding the wave
Will be very physical with soft acrobatics
Please come focused
For this class is recommend the participation in those who have a base of experience on weight exchange and lift.