Elisa Ghion

Elisa Ghion

I am a Contact Improvisation and improvisation and teacher. My practice is deeply rooted in Contact Improvisation that I began to study  since 2005 both in Italy and abroad. Among the others, I’ve studied with Nita Little, Ray Chung, Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Steve Batts, Leiliani Weiss. Beside of Contact Improv I have studied Sensitive dance, release technique, Butoh. I Keep nourishing my movement and sense of awareness trough different fields. Nowadays I’m exploring the combination of meditation and movement having the CDP (Contemplative Dance Practice) into my weekly training. The martial art Kalaripayattu is aslo part of my actual training. Biking every day across my city it is another important aspect  to keep my senses alive. In 2015 I founded the duo “IN REMOTO” togheter with an architect. Aim of this project is to explore the deep meaning of inhabit the environment, starting from the primal shelter of every human being: the body. In the same year I started a collaboration with Takla, a cultural association of dancers and musicians aminig to explore transdisciplinary improvisation.

In 2017 I am a core member of the ECITE 2017 (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchanged), hosted in Italy. Since 2017 I am a Fascial Release practitioner  (www.integrazionefasciale.it). Integrazione Fasciale is a manual therapy that combines the fascia system studies (mainly based on the Anatomy trains of Mayers) with Bioenergetic of the psycotherapist Alexander Lowen. The core idea is that emotions stuck in the body can be released trought manual terapy on the fascia. In 2018 I founded CorPoetica, a non profit organization that intend to investigate the body as artistic source of self awareness, self developement and good health.


Breathing is one of the fundamental activity of every live being.

It is an authomatic process, governed by the autonomic nervous system. So, luckily, we do not have to think about breathing in order to keep doing it. Nevertheless a great amount of events and situations can affect our breath, reducing its capability to freely flow and exchange with the environment and being an effective support to our daily life. When we find ourselves in conditions of potential danger, real or perceived, our orthosympathetic system activates a series of protective reactions. Inhibiting the respiratory flow is one of these. A reduced oxygenation and muscle tension make our system less receptive and less able to handle the danger, or more simply, the unexpected. This proposal  begins with some practices to open our body to the respiratory flow. We will observe how inhaling and exhaling can become tools to increase and relax our bodytone, and apply them to movement in three-dimensional space. Flowing trought different levels of space while keeping our breath available and free will lead us to explore the dynamic weight exchange with one or more partner, in a continuous play of support and being sustained without effort. The work is inspired by pranayama and bioenergetic that come together to help us having a deeper understanding on how the breath plays a fundamental role in shaping our body, directing our weight  and rising our self awareness.

Some knowledge of Contact Improv principles is welcome for this class.