Carmen Alcalde

Carmen Alcalde
Having studied social education, cultural anthropology and theater, I discovered CI in 2005, deepening with Cristiane Boullosa in Madrid. I traveled participating in instances of multidisciplinary improvisation and body research and in 2010 I started teaching CI in Santiago  de Chile. I have been influenced and inspired by Eckhard Müller, Daniela Schwartz, Martin Keogh, Luis Moreno, Cristina Turdo, Jules Beckman, Jess Curtis, Lucas Condro, among many others.
In 2011 I got rooted in a valley where I was part of a collective life project. Motivated by the processes of change through grassroots movements, I studied Group Process Facilitation finding several connections with CI as a social dance.
Since 2017 I manage and live in La Enramada, a meeting, retreat and creation space located in nature, and the base from which I organize workshops, meetings and CI classes, combining it with projects in other spaces. I have taught at the Festivals of Asturias, Madrid and Cardedeu.
Now I do Gestalt training and I coordinate educational projects on equality and prevention of gender violence. Lover of folklore and popular songs, I am interested in voice as a corporal and mobile element, as well as the political and poetic dimension of dance, capable of reverberating in our subjectivities creating new ways of embodiment, relating to each other and being in the world.

Relationship textures and other animals
Welcoming the body, the whole and its parts, creases, borders, textures, taking time to connect with our own unique creature through breathing, movement and voice we will move progressively finding ourselves with the rest and the surroundings, creating a live organism whose interactions between the parts affect the whole in its configuration.
Transiting solo and group composition, to arrive at a duo to dance following the metaphor of the loving relationship in its different phases and states, with the goal of exploring shared freedom that is contagious and beneficial for the common good, investigating limits, conflict, curiosity, sensation and being present within the connecting link.
For this we will take support from certain basic CI principles like listening, rolling point, multidirecionality as well as elements of play and sound.
The intention is to savor the dance, integrate the unknown and appreciate the diversity of each body to perhaps become reciprocally inspired.