Otto Akkenen (FIN)

Otto Akkenen (FIN)

Otto Akkanen is a dancer and dance teacher. He started dancing with CI and he probably finishes dancing with CI. His main teachers within world of CI have been (and still are) his fellow dancers in Helsinki community with whom he is organising finnish CI festival (every february for 10 years).
Otherwise he has been influenced by a huge amount of people, music, books and surroundings. And of course the 3 year dance studies and 2 years master studies of teaching contemporary dance.

Cut Corners

Feet and legs, how are we activating ourselves?
(This leg is not mine, the leg is me, I own nothing.)

Manipulating, guiding, rarely forcing. 

What more we can unfold from the floor, find out a pathway or two. 

What is strenght, in movement?

How to find something new when nothing is to be found?
Can we?

On this CI class we work a lot on the floor. more on the lower levels than standing,  most of the time. 

We will play with guiding and following, coming along and going against.