Nadja Schwarzenbach (DE)

Nadja Schwarzenbach (DE)

I am a CI dancer, teacher and improviser based in Berlin. I passionately practice CI since 2006.
My sense for touch and the understanding of the human body moving has been nurtured in many ways. Important was my three years natural medicine training, including different massage and bodywork styles and  attending klein technique and axis syllabus classes. Currently I am training to become an Ilan Lev practitioner. Crucial inspirations for my CI practice come from learning and dancing with Joerg Hassmann, Mirva Mäkinnen and Nancy Stark Smith.

I assisted Daniel Werner and Joerg Hassmann for five years in their CI training program in Berlin and in international workshops. Since 5 years I co-organize the Contact Festivals in Berlin ( and for the 9th time I am part of the organizing team of the Contact meets Contemporary Festival in Goettingen (, and I co-founded the Out of Berlin Jam (  2010 I started teaching weekend workshops and weekly classes. Since then I have been teaching weekly classes in Berlin, many weekend workshops in Germany and abroad.

Center connection into Spirals

Through movement we awake softness and power in our centers. Connecting our body center to limbs and peripherie to our center. By inviting rotations and spirals from the center we aim for more freedom in the limitation of staying connected in touch. How do we expand by connecting to elasticity and multidirectionality in a shared weight situation? How do we use the energy and joy that spirals bring for soft manipulations? We will find ways up and down together and across the space, adjusting to the needs of the moment.

I am very interested in having choice while dancing. A detailed communication and perception gives our dances more options and keeps the improvisation alive. Rather precise movement explorations will be part of the work, opening the space to let the dance find its way.

In these classes I am aiming to get us into a state of playful learning where our whole system feels at ease, safe and starts opening up. This is the base from where new information can be absorbed and processed without effort – on top of that we will have a pretty good time!