Lucía Sànchez (ES)

Lucía Sànchez (ES)

Since 2007 I direct and teach in my own studio lapuertaroja, in Madrid. I started teaching Contemporary Dance and Pilates in 2008 as well as CI at lapuertaroja and Flying Low in Estudio3. I’ve also been teaching in different places around Spain and Europe facilitating workshops and teaching in festivals (such as “Contact Meets Contemporary” (Germany 2016 and 2017), “Madrid Contact Improvisation Festival” (2017) and at the “Micro-Festival de danza improvisada de Madrid” (2013)).

As a dancer I’m a troupe member at the dance and music improvisation Company Omos Uno since 2012.  Also worked with the choreographer Cindy Van Acker, Mamen Agüera or Jesús Rubio. As a maker I’ve collaborated with Mónica Almagro (Las Sillas, 2016) and with “Concuerdas” (dance/music improvisations) with Sarah Gottlieb and Paloma Carrasco (since 2017).

Cultivating the State of Falling

The potential for movement is always there. Gravity never stops inviting us to move, to fall. We just need to be available for it and take the ride!

In this class we will prepare our bodies to hear more clearly this invitation for movement. We will train different pathways to direct the fall in space and we will happily dance Contact Improvisation from a state of falling.

How many moments can we experience in a single fall? How can we stretch this event so that we have more space to observe and decide?