Cleo Laigret (FR)

Cleo Laigret (FR)

Set designer and danseur, and co-creator of the dance company « Les Monstres » in 2012.

He is currently conducting researches about the continuity / discontinuity in the movement. His experience in performance was born in contact improvisation and Butoh dance as well as in contemporary art, and then grows with regular laboratories and in situ performances.

He trained with Nita Little, Gyohei Zaitsu, Stephanie Auberville, Yumi Fujitani, Daniel Lepkov, Adrian Russi, Jules Beckman among others. He participates in collaborative projects with Gyohei Zaitsu, Zack Bernstein, Didier Silhol…

He teaches in regular classes in Paris as well as worshops in international festivals (Freiburg, Grenoble…). He often teaches in pertnership with local or international teachers.

Yes/No: to Accept and to Refuse 

In a sence, the « flow » seems to be a cooperative dance, where each partner somehow do accept the maximum of the proposals from the other(s) partner(s). In this case, acceptation (« say yes ») opens a fluid and soft experience.

It is also true that in certain situations we need the partner to give some resistance in order to achieve something together – « give resistance » is also part of the cooperative dance isn’t it ?

How can we distinguish the different kind of resistances, the « yes » resistance and the « no » resistance ?

To feel a « No » from my partner can be experienced as a limitation in our dance. What if we consider it as an input or even a support?