Adrian Russi (CH)

Adrian Russi (CH)

Adrian Russi is a CI-teacher living in Switzerland and travelling all over Europe to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. After his studies of New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Nita Little. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of movement as well as on matters of perception and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play and a deep commitment are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI. Besides this his teaching is nourished by his studies of different kinds of martial arts and Craniosacral Bodywork as well as of his own research work (amongst other things in the field of fascia).

Falling into Contact

How can I give my weight and at the same time stay self-responsible? What is helpful for keeping the connection with my center while falling? How does it feel to surrender and when do I give up myself? How do I create stable structures that are smooth and mobile?

In this workshop we will provide basic dynamic principles of CI with the goal to integrate them in their full range into the own as well as the common dance. Besides surfing under the skin and reaching multi-directionally, we will mainly explore how to deal with the own weight and how to use it in order to stay deeply committed to the dance.

Pushing actively against the floor and falling – that means following gravity – are the two main possibilities to initiate spacious movements. And falling towards the partner or rather into the point of contact should be an essential driving force behind any CI-duet.

In order to use gravity we need to surrender and to be brave, mobile and able to react very quickly. In this way “Following Through” will become an organic part of our dance and instead of controlling the situation we will start to navigate along a common pathway into the unknown.

Participants with experience in CI.