Vera De Propris – classes

Vera De Propris – classes

I met C.I. in 2002 and started to practice and research C.I. and Instant Composition with several teachers such as Andrew Harwood, Patricia Kuypers, Kirstie Simson, Julyen Hamilton, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti, Simone Sandroni, Ray Chung, Jordi C. Molina and others..
For 11 years I have been a member of RomaContact, a Rome-based group that promotes C.I. in Italy. I participated in several Contact Festivals and international meetings in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Brazil..
I’m a member of the organization team of Contact Camp in Italy.
I’ve been teaching C.I. and instant composition for 10 years in different contexts and with people of every age and I work to promote “dance” at public School.
I believe C.I. is a very precious artistic practice and a big gift for my life.

With the head, on the head, beyond the head
(Bring with you a towel and paper and a pen to write)

We’ll explore the head-to-head contact, using different levels of space and pressure, several imagines and intentions. We’ll use the weight of the head to lift the pelvis and overturn the space. We’ll find a new vertical state by using the head as a base, enjoying all possibilities that this can open up to contact dance.
We’ll go “beyond” the head meant as location of rationality and judgment, experimenting techniques of automatic writing and movement. We’ll leave the class with our head as light as a cloud.  

Body as an object, object as a body
(Choose a medium-big sized everyday object (ex: chair, luggage, pillow, umbrella) you like and bring it to the class)

In this class we’ll get in contact with a partner as an object, following our curiosity and instinct. We’ll become moving “objects” who choose, act and react. We’ll use ordinary objects to relate physically with it in solo or duet dance, setting loose our imagination and developing our “compositional mind”. Have fun!