Laura Hicks (CAN) – class 6 h

Laura Hicks (CAN) – class 6 h

Laura Hicks (CA/GE) is a performer, maker, and teacher in contemporary dance and improvisation.

Laura commits to an artistic practice that questions awareness and perception, cultivates a curiosity about movement patterning and intention, and uses tools relating to image, state, and voice. Her work is inspired by a study, and love for improvisation and CI, Bartenieff Fundamentals, functional anatomy, physical theatre, and contemporary dance. Her teaching of contact is greatly influenced by Peter Bingham while she also draws from her experiences with Chris Aiken, Andrew Hardwood, Nina Martin and others. Laura recently completed her MA in Contemporary Dance Education (Frankfurt) focusing her research on improvisation in relation to ‘state’ and affect (as understood in contemporary philosophy.)

Yielding: Scores for ‘Doing Less’ and Sometimes Doing More

Used in Somatics, ‘yielding’ usually refers to a quality in the body that allows for the experience of gravity. Not heaviness – but a sense of giving way to the sensation of weight and using this as the foundation for movement. However, the word is also used as a way to talk about agreement. It is the idea of giving way (traffic signs ask cars to yield to pedestrians) to something or being agreeable. In engineering it is also used to refer to the response of material to stress, when the point of movement or maximum elasticity is reached is termed the ‘yielding point.’

Using the idea of yielding, we will explore the joy of gravity and physical sensations of yielding into the gravity, momentum or rolling point, while also expanding our range of approaches to what it means to ‘say yes’, or to ‘yield’ to a score, intention, or state. Yielding can be a pathway into moving from sensation and flow, or also expanding the improvisational role of the dance giving us a an approach to choice making. Questions we might explore would be: How can I do less and follow more? What am I including in the dance, and what am I filtering?