Jacqueline McCormick (UK) – class 6 h

Jacqueline McCormick (UK) – class 6 h

Jacqueline has been teaching, performing and making dances for over thirty years, directing and performing in her company DanceAbout. She is fascinated by creating movement from sensation, especially in natural environments as captured in her dance films Settle and Spiral. She has a B.Ed. from Bedford College of Higher Education in Human Movement Studies, an M.A in Dance from Mills College California, USA and has been, Associate Professor in Dance at Western Oregon University (1985-1996) and Connecticut College, USA (2000-2004). She has taught Contact Improvisation at numerous Contact Festivals and workshops throughout the USA and Europe, and from 1997-2003 she co-led the CI Teachers Lab in San Francisco, California. Along with Contact Improvisation her curiosities lie in Authentic Movement. All of her work is informed by her extensive knowledge of anatomy/kinesiology of the body. Jacqueline is in her 12th year as Co-Director for Cheshire Dance, UK. She has championed Cheshire Dance’s site adaptive performance projects and was Artistic Director for The Moment When… Cultural Olympiad project 2012, involving over 900 performers.


Creating States

What processes do artists use to get into a state of inquiry?

How does a particular state support creativity, improvisation and art making?

What needs to be in place to create the optimal state for you?

Come join me in moving within united states and sharing our own particular approaches…