Ester Momblant Ribas (E) – class 6 h

Ester Momblant Ribas (E) – class 6 h

Ester Momblant Ribas is Mediterranean, dancer, teacher and mother. she graduated in Dance and Related Arts in England; and also studied at the S.N.D.O. Amsterdam. Ester has been involved in dancing, teaching and performing Contact Improvisation since 1997. Since then she has taught around Europe, Russia, Brazil, and Israel. She is involved in movement research connecting it with pedagogy and personal development. Since 2004 she teaches Body-Awareness for musicians at ESMUC, University of Music in Barcelona.
‘For me CI is a constant study of both, body and mind, in motion.’

On or Off the Centre… to risk or not to risk… that’s the game…

Falling, balancing, supporting, and being unstable are some of the physical elements trained in CI. But, while dancing, also there are personal codes of conduct and individual behaviour trained. In both aspects the dancer can choose either to repeat patterns and keeping themselves into the ‘comfort zone’, or to risk going off the centre and, therefore, to develop and getting more tools to play.

In these classes we will study the Centre of Gravity in order to feel the own physical limits of stability. This will be the basic land to develop and train personal strategies; to explore risky attitudes while dancing. So, this will be an opportunity to expand both physical and personal centres.

The dance space is a perfect opportunity to train and challenge the own limits, so to recognize and choose to go On or Off the dance’s own centre; to go On or Off comfort zone.