Christina Klissiouni (GR) – class 6 h

Christina Klissiouni (GR) – class 6 h

Is an international dance teacher, performer, choreographer and founder of Helix dance company. She is also a body-psychotherapist and shiatsu practitioner. She is based in Athens. Her work is a 30 year-long exploration of movement/dance study based on Somatics & CI. She started her practice in CI in 1987 studying with the first generation of teachers in NYC (1986-90). Besides her training as a contemporary dancer (Merce Cunningham technique), very early on in her studies, she started exploring BMC, Alexander technique, Yoga, Authentic movement, Kinetic awareness, Skinner releasing and other practices that deeply informed her dance practice based on experiential anatomy. Improvisation has always been the foundation of her work. She runs her studio Present Body in the center of Athens since 2009, teaches and performs in numerous festivals/venues in Europe, USA, Asia cultivating “contact” based on awareness, on all levels.

She has co-taught intensive workshops and/or performances with Nita Little, Ray Chung, Ka Rustler, Mary Prestidge, Nien Mari Chatz, Angela Doniy, Shahar Dor, Saliq Savage and many others. She has been deeply influenced by the teachings of master teacher of contemplative movement- ritualistic performance and awareness practice based on Vipassana meditation and improvisation-Suprapto Syryodarmo from Indonesia.

Recently she taught intensive workshops for the second time at Freiburg CI festival(2014), at Israeli CI festival(2014), in Nantes, London, at Grenoble festival(2015), in Tubingen(Germany), Oslo, Budapest improv. festival, St. Petersberg solo festival, and numerous other venues.  (


The play of weight connecting with the core
Our CI practice based on somatics explores the expression of internal pathways that support fluid connectivity starting from rolling. We listen to the streams of energy that deploy into shifts of form, weight, and states of being. Attention moves to experience expanded sense of time, space and feeling. Spirals and the experience of merging with a partner while investigating a wider range of tonality through relaxed, intentional touch, become the basis of our contact dances. Thus we focus on the use of gravity as we move in a released manner to discover more ease, effortlessness and flow in our physical dialogues on all levels.