Thomas Mettler (CH) – intensive 12 h

Thomas Mettler (CH) – intensive 12 h

Thomas Mettler (Switzerland) – Work in THEATRE & DANCE through on-going research for 35 years.

Teaching over 29 years, 4 years full-time at professional acting or dance schools in London and Paris, and over 140 intensive workshops brought him to Columbia, France, England, Italy, Germany, USA, India, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Spain, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Switzerland.

With his international performances all around the world and by inviting artists from all over the world to his home-country Switzerland he continues realizing his dream of a world without borders.

“UN-doing” – Essentials of fluid dancing & partnerwork in Contact-Improvisation – with Thomas Mettler / Switzerland

Our starting point in this dance-research is an “UN-DOING”. Through a deeper listening into our own bodies and senses we get ready for an “inner and outer research” – not for perfection – but for an understanding of basic fundamentals and principles for most weightless possible “lifts” and partnering. Through an awakened awareness and listening into the energy and breath of the other dancer, we dance Contact-Improvisations effortless and smooth.

 Through a deepening work with our FASCIAS we search for the “appropriate tone” of our muscles – and through the help of our BREATH and an understanding of TENSEGRITY – we discover new possibilities of free floating bones and our light skeleton in a “fluid muscles and connective-tissue-system”. That allows us a most possible weightless dancing under/on/with our partner, always with the clear goal to FLOAT on each others movements instead of “climbing” on my partner ;-)Technique and strength shall come from the inside – to therefore and from within respect each owns body as well as the body of my partner(s). An important and playful part is the use of our BREATH in dance. To get in connection with our own breath, with the breath of the dance-movement of our partner and „to take a ride on that breath“ – TOGETHER.

“… to come to the point TO LET IT HAPPEN”