Ramon Roig (E) – afternoon intensive 9 h

Ramon Roig (E) – afternoon intensive 9 h

In 1976 begins his training in classical and traditional dance and in 1990 was about contemporary dance with  Pepe Evia, Jordi Cortes, David Zambrano, Carol Diley, Laurens, Mayer, etc., and  Contact-Impovisación with: Cathie Caraker, Frey Faust, Ray Chung, Karl Frost, Martin Keogh, Scott Wells, Daniel Lepkoff, Benno Voorham, Adrian Russi, Jess Curtis, Mirva Makinen, etc.

In 2001 he gave his first workshop of CI and since then has taught intensive in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Santander, San Sebastian, Ibiza, Menorca, Malaga); Argentina (Cordoba, Buenos Aires) Chile (Santiago, Concepcion); Germany (Freiburg, Berlin) France (Paris, Bordeaux), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Morocco (Knifhra), and Finland (Helsinki). He currently teaches regular classes in different places in Barcelona.

In late 1999 he with other artists createa, SIAMB group dedicated to research and study the creation of new forms in contemporary art . Concepts such as: dance in public spaces, action performance, contact-improvisation and video-dance

Since 2001 organizes “CI Meeting Barcelona” and the weekly jam at the Civic Centre Barceloneta (Barcelona). Contributes to the creation of EMOCIE (CI teachers meeting in Spain) and the organization of ECITE 2011 in Ibiza.

Spaces in-between

The wait is the mass of our body in movement.

We can direct this mass, taking it out of the inertia of gravity and convert it in gesture and movement.

Pressure and support are two ways of direct our wait, only the intention makes them different.

Pressure is synonymous of action, of inertia, of decision…

The support is waiting, listening, maybe a memory.

Being clear when you take initiative, know how to follow the other without loosing presence, to stay suspended between doubts,  desires and silence…the musical alternation of bodies flowing in the spaces in-between.

We could say that this interval, this “not aware” place, this white zone is, in essence, what we are looking for in Contact Improvisation.