Linda Bufali – class 3 h

Linda Bufali – class 3 h

While I was trying to study acting, in 1998, l bumped into…and against this “weird dance”.

After few years I realized I was still there, sweating, falling, laughing and feeling. So I decided to go deeper into it, entering the phantasmagorical world of workshops and festivals, bumping into and against strange teachers who helped me sweating, falling , laughing and feeling even better.

I’d give anything to forget all that so to start again, off for the journey again! But you can’t.

I’ve been teaching since 2008 and it is a bit as make the journey from the start, knowing the path but taking a different luggage with you; and always hoping to bump into/against something interesting.

Expansion “making longer, bigger,enlarge, extend, widen…”

We will take with us this word, expansion, to give time to the dance.
We will observe volumes, the spaces that get constantly created between us and the other.
Empty spaces, to be followed, to be filled, to be live in.
The contact will arrive without forcing it, unexpected and loose of an “esthetical form”.
What is possible to be controlled and what is not?
When can I choose? When, in the other hand, is not possible and I have to trust to follow, to flow, to fall?
Weight, momentum, listening, spirals.