Matan Levkowich

Matan Levkowich

Matan Levkowich is a dancer, choreographer and graphic designer.

His approach to movement is based on the study of the body’s intuition. The study of intuition enables to navigate through instability and develops trust in the body’s capacities. His choreographic works explore narratives of body/relations. His main interest lays in utilizing coincidence into stable, communicative scenarios.

As a teacher, Matan’s focus lays in contact improvisation and movement research. He started giving regular classes in Israel in 2008. Since then, he had the chance to teach in different circumstances and to different audiences; from professional dancers to amateurs and teenagers, in open workshops, festivals and closed intimate groups. Currently he lives in Vienna and teaches in Austria and around.

Form Follow Function

In this workshop I would like to focus on how do we treat our own body before we get into physical contact with another person. Under this huge topic, I would like to focus on the potential of the “fall”. What can we drop in our own body in order to initiate movement and express kinetic energy? How do we free our body from unnecessary tensions?

In the context of C.I, we will find these constant falls in order to get in touch. How can we maintain clear relation with our own body in the duet while reduce unnecessary tensions in it and find these magical moments when an inner fall in my body becomes a mutual fall in the duet and vice versa?