Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson

Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson

Irene and Johan are two artists in dance and music together teaching, performing and organizing artistic events.

They created Being Motion in 2011, meeting point of their experiences, visions and artistic paths; Being Motion is a platform for research, co-creation and diffusion of their dance

They regularly offer workshops in schools, dance studios, yoga centers and cultural institutes in Sweden, India, China, Italy and Germany.

In Sweden, India and China they develop most of their work collaborating with professional dance centers such as Balletakademien (Stockholm), Gati (Delhi), Ltdx and Minzu Dance University (Beijing) with dance companies such as Danceworx (Delhi/Mumbay).

They have been participating as teachers and performers in numerous festivals all over Europe and Asia: Contact Improvisation festivals in Freiburg, Vienna, Poland, Ester Impro, CmC, Ibiza, NIM, Glarisegg, Malmö, Goa; Contemporary dance festival in Pune- Avayava; Yoga festivals in Sweden – No Mind, Yoda, Space of Love.

They organize Contact Impro dance retreats in Sweden “Dance in Nature”, awakening the connection of the body to the world of plants, natural landscapes and ecological systems, inspired by Biodynamics and Yoga practices.

They usually perform in duo collaborating with musicians in the frame of Improvisation, combining movement, music and spoken words.

They also direct performances in association to their pedagogic programs, collaborating with dancers and visual artists. Their dance practice is mainly inspired by Contact Improvisation, Bodywork, Release, B.M.C., Meditation Practices and Techniques of Improvisation for performance.

They play a range of instruments and include live muisc in their teaching and performances.They collaborate with other musicians to create and explore sound landscapes for movement, dance improvisation sessions and in festivals.

They work as well with Voice, Nada Yoga and Singing, related to body awareness, movement and group improvisations.

Liquid Center of Gravity, facilitated by Irene Sposetti

Together we will awake openness, receptivity and softness in the body in movement, meet ourselves and others in a state of Presence and Empathy.

We will focus on discovering the Liquid Center of Gravity that shifts location within the body in movement, relating to it, tracking it and using it as reference to create momentum for light horizontal and vertical lifts. We will enhance a state of released and effortless motion widening our versatility and ease in moving together in and out of contact.

Through partnering dialogues and group scores we will investigate different aspects of Improvisation.

Moving In Between, facilitated by Johan Nilsson

We will look at different aspects of the role of the Supporter in a CI dialogue.

By awakening the feet and other body surfaces related to the floor, by relating to our own center as a starting point for movement from where all limbs reach out, by using our skin as a surface to rest on, we find ways of inviting our partner to travel together in space.

As we receive the weight of our partner we explore how to move between the floor and the lifted body, how to move between the two surfaces offered.

We will look at options to move a flying partner finding softness and clarity in all different possibilities of moving our own structure in space.

We will challenge our habits and known pathways through suprising actions, change of directions and clear dialogues between moving centers.