Heike Pourian

Heike Pourian

Having taugt CI for more than twenty years, again and again I find it interesting to investigate into new ways of approaching it and making it accessible to all sorts of people. I’ve worked with Ballet companies and pregnant women, with children and adolescents, with people of mixed abilities, for the stage and “just for fun”, in universities and parks –  and I’m curious what and who will come next.

Roots & Wings – Improvising Acrobatics

The deep Feldenkrais way of listening … the balancing and weightshifting techniques of Acrobatics… the supported stretching of AcroYoga … and the playful awareness we know from Contact Improvisation come together to open an exciting space of exploration: How can I gradually pour my whole weight over to you and surrender to your support, balance on top of you, be safely rooted, reach out into the space … and find myriads of ways to let my weight flow into the floor through your bone structure?

In this class we will explore the subtleties of weightshifting and become familiar with some acrobatic tricks, AcroYoga sequences and Therapeutic Flying ideas. This will give us enough material to play with in improvisation. Get a taste of stable support & enjoy being upside down!