Gabriel Greca

Gabriel Greca

I’m an osteopath, dancer, performer and human being, interested in the interest and how this moves, how it touches the body, the mind, and the space and creates dances; any kind of dance of the attention and perception intrigues me. Influenced mostly by the improvisation and the osteopathy, CI has always been my main practice. The Argentinean scene and the spontaneity of it are one of my biggest influences, the dancers and the long jams there is where my dance emerged; the technique, composition and improvisation classes it’s where I transform myself and massage my brain.

Organising a non creative dance.

Being moved, without loosing the shape, without collapsing.

Moving another body, and perceiving with the hand every little detail of how it’s being moved, every tension and block.

Such a simple fact as training the body/mind in moving and being moved, in organising the body for move another big body without hurting it, learning the most effective ways and it’s patterns of response. In the other role, learning how not to anticipate when we are being moved, letting yourself without letting go. Going further into this concepts, beyond this exercise. Moving and being moved by the environment and by stimulus, by the other and with the others, in duo and in the whole group.