Yaniv Mintzer

Yaniv Mintzer

Dancer, musician, pedagogue and therapist graduate of Berklee College of Music. Dancing CI since 2004 and eaching in Tel Aviv as well as in the Haifa University and the Vertigo company dancer training. Teaching internationally in Europe, Asia and Israel, in festivals and private workshops. Performs locally and internationally, both as dancer and musician in dance and theatre projects. Practitioner of the Ilan lev method, treating dancers from leading companies- Bat sheva, Vertigo and others.

Dancing body, imagination, intuition and sensation | Class, 21-22 may

This is an intuitive approach to CI, that aims to explore the body’s most efficient, soft and powerful ways for moving in space, alone or with a partner.

Every day we will:

- Warm up – explore personal movement, with images, imagination and intuition

- Study – hand-on exploration with a partner, to get to know the ways our body moves

- Dance –  in physical contact, to integrate listening, efficient ways to take weight and the wave-like flow of the dance

 some of my questions / wishes:

- how to drop muscle effort and ambition (work less- grow more)

- find continuity and ease with a partner

- have a clearer intuitive “picture”, or knowledge about my own movement and my partner’s

- awaken imagination, intuition, surprise and pure joy

* The work will include material inspired by the Ilan Lev method