Monika Gallardo Rosell

Monika Gallardo Rosell

I start dancing at the age of 4. I studied ballet, flamenco and contemporary, graduating in the dance school of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in 2003, specializing in contemporary. I studied diferent escenic tecniches as aereal dance, jugling, músic and diferent tecniques in contemporanie dance: release, lemon, graham and flying low.

After various experiences of dancing in companies, I had a moment of confusion in which I was no longer motivated to continue repeating the movements that others proposed me. For a while I left dance and I got into the practice of yoga and meditation. Nearly a year later after leaving a Vipassana retreat I came across the Contact Improvisation in Barcelona in 2007.

Since then I have not stopped dancing, studing, sharing and organizing CI events, traveling to Argentina, Germany, USA, Finland, France and Israel to expand my knowledge. I studied with many diferent teachers during this time and at the same time I have been sharing the knowledge of CI since I start it with people in my community in Ibiza and arround the world.

Since 2008 I have formed a part of the organization and creation of Ibiza Contact Festival.

As a dancer I’m still interested in dance and improvisation techniques as well to share information and explore curiosity with others. Release and flying low has been a great help to my movement in Contact Improvisation and has helped me to easily learn the principles of CI.

Falling into the back space | Class, 21-22 may

How I can be more consciess about my backspace? In terms of body sensations but also in sense of space, distances between myself and another bodies. What happens when I let myself fall into the space that I can not see with my eyes? Wich sensations/emotions appear? How my perception change when I continue falling back and my eyes keep in what I see in front of myself? How much I can open my body and continue falling backwards? What means the back space? I dont know… but I invite you to explore together some of this questions that I ask myself.