Enikő Szilágyi

Enikő Szilágyi

Enikő is a performer, teacher and organizer. Starting out with a university degree at the Hungarian University of Physical Education as a teacher of physical education; teacher of APA (Adapted Physical Activity) and physiotherapist. She studied contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, acrobatics at Contemporary DanceLab School in Budapest. Since then she has been passionately involved in dancing and somatic movemet, learned from various magnificent teachers from all over the world. As a perfomer, she has participated in various research projects on improvisation and performance. She worked, among others, with Caroline Waters, Luke Johnson, Risa Takita, Tibor Molnar, CandoCo Dance Company, Toshi Makihara, Guto Macedo and Gustavo Lecce .Currently she is L1-residency holder ( L1 Hungarian Independent Artists Association of Public Utility), founder of SphereDance Group,member of Tánceánia Company (an integrated dance company in Budapest).Enikő is one of the founding members of ArtMan Movement Therapy and Art Association (founded in 2005). She has taught at Kontakt Budapest Festival; Poland Contact Festival, Warsaw; Trans-Contact Festival, Romania; Contact Meets Contemporary Festival ,Göttingen; Contact in Rio Festival, Brazil and others. Besides she teaches her own somatic-based improvisation system what called ’SPHERE’. She sees her main interest in improvisation, somatic movement, consciousness and the transformation of perception.

Blowing Up a Snapshot – Improvising with images | Class, 18-19 may

Everything what we can see and feel  around us affect  our dance and quality of movement. We are able to sense our space of resonance and the bridge between the body-mind and motion.

If we embody the  inner images into our dance and stay  present and open, we experience a greater harmony. There we may find and embrace otherwise hidden deeper meanings of our Selves, lives.

In this two days we will work with  focused attention to our perception; improvise in solo, duet and group. We will search and explore answers and find more questions in the following themes:

– connection between the images / senses and physical movement

– communication through the ” imagebody”

– snapshots – images – afterimages – engrams

– recolouring: details, smells, voices, feelings, remembering

– playing with our stories and traveling through  space and time

 This class is open for all levels.