Daniela Schwartz & Eckhard Muller

Daniela Schwartz & Eckhard Muller

Daniela (Argentina/France) is involved in the practice, performance and teaching of CI since 1998. Memeber of Cie dégadezo. As a visual artist, she is interested in the body, space and movement in the present moment as Materia for research, expression and création. Her multiple medias: video, objects, installation are present in her practices.

Eckhard (Germany/France) co-founder of the Contact Festival Freiburg, is enthusiastically dancing and performing CI since 1988. In his teaching he is playfully searching for depth in the understanding of the form. As a member of Cie dégadezo, he has participated in diverse choreographique dance-theater pieces since 2002.

For the recent past 10 years Eckahrd and Daniela have been traveling and collaborating all over Europe and the Americas, sharing their vision and practice of CI, offering CI workshops and developing projects based in Improvisation. Invited to teach in the frame of Universities, Dance Programs of Theaters and Studios as well as in Dance Festivals.

Together they developed the “SKIN” project, an interdisciplinary performance concept for dancers, musicians and video artists that uses elements of CI and instant composition in direct interaction with the audience. SKIN was realized in colaboration with Cultural Institutions and Festivals in Rosario (07), Strasbourg (07), Montevideo (08), Zurich (08), Warsaw (09), Valparaiso (11).

By collaborating, their interests influence each other, creating diverse and surprising pathways. They share the passion for improvisation, the present moment, and how bodies communicate through touch. Daniela’s interest in the details and the capacity of attention and Eckhard’s fascination with the limits of physicality plunge them together into research of perception and sensation to rediscover an open movement dialogue through the body.

Mobility : Accessing the potential of Multiple Directions | Intensive, 18-22 may 

In order to move we need a clear intention. This intention is filled with multiple directions. CI demands us not only to connect with our partners but first to ourselves, the floor and the environment. We need to deal continuously with our weights in relationship to gravity and find a mobile, strong and fragile, organization of our bodies in order to dance the present moment. We will explore the question of how we can inhabit “the here and now” with a fully engaged state of mobility, taking time to sense and investigate how through being in the body noticing “how we are doing it” can help us move into the opening of new ways of communication and relationship.